How To Plan Vow Renewal Ceremony

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With your Wedding Anniversary in the horizon you may be wondering about a monumental and romantic way to celebrate this big day. Although, one can opt for the traditional anniversary dinner or weekend gateway it is also possible for one to arrange a vow renewal ceremony.  A ceremony as such is a great opportunity for the couple to reaffirm their love for one another. Furthermore, as this is not a traditional wedding one can plan to commemorate this event in any manner you like. While, one can opt for an intimate ceremony and reception with close friends and family another couple can opt to relieve their wedding reception by inviting the same guests and hosting it in the same elaborate manner.


While most would opt to host the ceremony and the reception on the day of their anniversary it is advisable to host it during the weekend if the anniversary falls on a weekday in order to make it easier on the guests.


Many would wish to host their ceremony and reception at the same place where they got married. If, so it is recommended to reserve these locations early in order to avoid any disappointments. However, if the couple had a destination wedding while it is possible for them to host the renewal ceremony at the same exotic location many guests would not prefer to travel to a renewal ceremony after they came to your original Singapore wedding photographer. In such an instance one can either have the renewal ceremony on a small scale by inviting only their close friends and family or one can replicate the site closer to their home in order to make it more accessible for their entire guest list.  However, if neither of these ideas are viable one can then opt to host the wedding at a location that became meaningful to them during their married life be it the restaurant where you have your weekly date night or the park where you used to take your children to when they were small.


If one wishes to host an elaborate vow renewal ceremony then they should look for florists, photographers, makeup artists and such. However, even if the couple wishes to host a small scale event it is advisable to hire a photographer and a wedding videographer in order to record this special day.


While one can opt to reread the vows that they wrote for their wedding others can choose to rewrite their vows as they may have things to say after years of marriage which they may not have been aware of on the day of their initial wedding.  

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion no matter whether you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary or the fortieth. Therefore, one should strive to plan an amazing vow renewal ceremony in order to commemorate your love.

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