Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Makeup On

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We know that it’s necessary to brush our teeth twice a day at a minimum for good hygiene plus teeth health. It’s not going to be good if you brush your teeth less in the long run. You will get yellowish looking weak teeth that not only will affect your whole process of eating sweet, too cold or too warm things but also take away your self confidence in not having a great smile. Who would want to smile wide when your entire teeth looks like a hot wrecked mess? When you know the reasons why it’s important to brushing your teeth, you will make it a habit to do so for you don’t want to undergo any of those consequences.

Similarly, have you heard so many people telling how bad it is to sleep with make up on? All those layers of foundation, concealers, eyeliner, mascara and blush aren’t going to do any good while you are in deep sleep. Although we know it’s bad, do you know how bad can it get when you leave your skin with all these different products on? This read will help you get to know a bit more on how it can affect you.

Affect complexion

Make it a habit to use Bioderma makeup remover or any product that you’re comfortable with to take off anything that’s on your face before you go to bed as, this excess products could affect your skin complexion to look dull. You need to cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly to help it repair on its own overnight but if you don’t let your skin to breathe in and out at night, it will not have the natural space to grow out to be healthy. Overtime when you continue this as a habit, it will pile up layers of dead skin forming a dull complexion on your skin resulting pigmentation.

Causes pimples

Having different products on your skin will clog your pores and this can collect oil, dirt which will help bacteria form into pimples and acne. Some days there can be times when you really can’t be bothered to wash your face after coming home really late but I’ve personally seen a pimple or two coming the day right after so it’s a must to cleanse your skin to avoid such breakouts.

Causes infections

Leaving on eyeliner for too long can affect eye infections as well and especially if you use someone else’s ones on your waterline or inner tear-dock areas. If you don’t have proper removing products at least use Nivea creme product on a cotton pad and wipe them all out to avoid any of those contaminations.

These are some of the ways that sleeping in with makeup on could affect your skin and who would ever want to look old with dark complexioned skin because of one bad habit? Now that you know the consequences, let us not spoil our skin anymore.

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